Monday, December 2, 2013

Next Meal Spreadsheet Log

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NOTE: This is the first 55 seconds of the Next Meal Log
Next Meal: Video Time CodeClip Description with Color Coded Categories: Moderator, Pro GMO, Pro GMO Labeling, Neutral
00:00-00:05 (Pro Label Soundbite) Prop 37 rally and chant “We all have a right to know, if our food is GMO.”
00:06-00:17 (Moderator) “We're likely to find genetically engineered foods at the ballot box and the super market. After nearly 20 years of eating them, questions persist. How should they be regulated?”
00:18-00:22 (Pro Label statement from a woman later introduced as a Pro-GMO scientist, Belinda Martineau, Former Principal Scientist at Calgene Fresh, Inc, creator of the Flavr Savr Tomato) Interview, “If you have nothing to hide, go ahead and label. People want to know, go ahead and tell them.”
00:23-00:24 (Moderator) “How do they impact the environment?”
00:25-00:31 (Pro GMO statement from a man later introduced as GMO farmer Philip Bowles) Interview, “It just has one gene that is different. That allows us to use a very safe and very effective herbicide.” FALSE
00:32-00:33 (Moderator) And how badly do we need them? (BIASED/OPINION)
00:34-00:39 (Pro GMO statement from a man later introduced as GMO scientist Eduardo Blumwald) Interview, “We are telling the plant, whenever there is drought, make more of this gene.”
00:40-00:45 (Moderator) “Coming up, how genetically engineered foods could shape our next meal.”
00:46-00:55 (Neutral) No sound - Intro scene, fly over of monoculture field with title “Next Meal: Engineering Food”

The QUEST production of the Next Meal: Engineering Food was logged, clip-by-clip, and color categories assigned to each clip. If you believe clips are in the wrong category, please post your assessment in the comments below. Include: Time Code Numbers (00:06-00:17), clip description and the reason why the clip is in the wrong category.

Next Meal: Engineering Food - Airtime by Category

Moderator: 11:11 minutes
Pro GMO (Supporter): 9:36 minutes
Pro GMO Labeling (Skeptic): 1:50 minutes
Neutral: .23 seconds

Notes: GMO Skeptics had less than two minutes of air time during the 26 minute broadcast. The GMO Free Santa Cruz mother "featured" in the biotech infomercial was interviewed by the Quest/KQED production crew at a Prop 37 rally last year "for over an hour". Only 8 seconds made it in the final program.

(Time Code - 01:41-01:49)
Tarah Locke: “This is not about any corporations on our side or anything. It is just citizens against chemical and junk food corporations.”

The 8 seconds was used by the producers to discredit the NON-GMO point-of-view in the very last clip of the program:

Pro GMO Scientist, Eduardo Blumwald: “They're wrong in confusing their animosity against the companies and translating that to the animosity against genetically modified organisms and transgenic crops. Genetic engineering is one of the tools which are absolutely needed to generate enough food for our population for the next 50 years.

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