Saturday, January 4, 2014

Labeling of genetically engineered food (Oregon I-27)

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The draft ballot title is as follows:
Some genetically engineered food (defined) for retail sale
must be so labeled, or is "misbranded"

Result of “Yes” Vote:  “Yes” vote expands definition of “misbranded food to include
some genetically engineered food (defined) when not so labeled for retail sale; allows
citizen enforcement lawsuits.

Result of “No” Vote:  “No” vote retains current definition of “misbranded” as used
in law prohibiting the misbranding of food and the manufacture, sale, or delivery of
misbranded food.

Summary:  Current law prohibits misbranding food; prohibits manufacture, sale,
delivery of misbranded food.  Measure expands definition of “misbranded” to include
food for retail sale that is entirely or partially produced with genetic engineering, unless
conspicuously labeled “genetically engineered” (for raw agricultural commodities) or
“produced with” / “partially produced with” genetic engineering (for processed food).
Exempts certain foods from expanded definition of “misbranded.”  Defines “genetically
engineered” food as food produced from organisms whose genetic material was
changed through in vitro nucleic acid techniques, certain cell fusing techniques.  Any
injured citizen may bring lawsuit against manufacturer/supplier for failure to label
processed foods, packaged raw agricultural commodities, or against retailer for failure
to label unpackaged raw agricultural commodities, under certain circumstances;
prevailing citizen may get attorney fees.  Other provisions.

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