Saturday, January 25, 2014

Lessons Learned: Advice For Oregon Leadership

Donna Martz :
So glad you asked! Use early money to educate the public. Make it real, not polite. Don't worry about being politically correct or being sued. The public is not stupid, give them real information. Give them links to look up information on their own, independently. By giving them the resources to research you won't have to pay to get them all the facts. The voting public is the campaign, they not separate from it.

It would a really interesting bit, if someone came up with a graphic timeline on the CA and WA campaigns revealing the monetary contributions to the NO side and those to the YES side, and other pertinent details and the public poles and ending votes.

The MOST important factor for Oregon to win, is to be rid of the isolated leadership group deciding how to spend the money and what direction the YES campaign should go in.

The WA leadership did not allow any input from anyone. When the campaign started to go downhill, they did not listen. When we tried to tell them the ads were too soft, they did not listen. There had even been conjecture that they were failing on purpose, at one point before voting day.

The leadership group should be transparent, and hold public meetings. What is there to be kept secret?

There is nothing to hide about telling the public the truth about the Big 6, gmo's and the money. Do not let a few people decide the future for your children.

Allowing a small leadership group to run the whole campaign, wastes the resource of a lot of talented people.

Allowing a small isolated leadership group to dictate the campaign without input from the volunteers, is no different than allowing Monsanto to decide what you are having for dinner.

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