Saturday, January 11, 2014

Moms Across America Director Zen Honeycutt's Speech on GE Labeling

Capitol Steps Jan 6th CA State Grange Rally 

Thank you! Good Morning!
How many of you have been volunteering since Prop 37? How many of you marched in the Moms Across America Marches on the 4th of July? How many of you care about what you eat?

First of all I want to say I am truly honored to be here today with all of YOU. Whether you have just started or have been doing this for years, you are what makes America great. You are America’s heros. Also, without you who came before me, the health of my family Todd, Ben, Bodee and Bronson, would not be what it is today. So we thank you very, very much.

I am here today because of love.  

We are all here because we love our families, our communities, our freedoms, our environment, our dogs and cats, our bees and butterflies. 
We love our farmers and we have FAITH in our farmers. 
We have faith that they can and will farm as has been done for thousands of years, 
without GMOs containing foreign proteins and the use of toxic chemicals. 
We have faith in Californians. 
Californians do not back down! 
We will not give up. 
Our love for our families will never end. 
We insist on GMO labeling now!

Some may say that it is not likely, but that doesn’t concern us. After Prop 37, which was a win in so many ways…my son Ben said “Mom, even Star Wars took six episodes.” And they had Yoda!  Our children are our inspiration and that will never end!

My son went GMO free and organic for 4 months and his life threatening allergic reactions were drastically reduced. This past year, his nut allergy decreased from a 19 down to a .2. This is not just about an allergy; this is about LIFE and the people we love.

It is not enough that our family eats organic, however. My son’s future spouses are out there somewhere and if they want to, I want them to be able to experience the profound love that it is to have their own child someday. Today, young couples have a 30% “failure to conceive” rate. That is the lowest in recorded US history.  Everyone needs to know about GMOs!

I asked myself what could I do? Inspired by Jeffrey Smith’s “Tipping Point Network” and Robyn O’Brien’s Patriotism on a Plate” I thought of 4th of July Parades. We could reachthousands locally and millions nationally in a single day. And it would be fun! With the partnership of the CA State Grange and support of Pamm Larry, Kathleen Hallal and many more, I founded Moms Across America and the March to Label GMOs in 4th of July parades. What happened was amazing.

Leaders from all across America emerged. Moms and supporters said, “I am the one who will have a group march in my 4th of July parade and educate my whole town know about GMOs.” And they did. In 172 parades in 44 states, generous, committed people made banners, signs, and floats and sang as they marched down Main streets all across America. We directly reached an estimated 1.5 million people and tens of millions more through the 120 media venues: radio, websites and newspapers, which picked up the story including CNN and Fox News. It was an empowering gathering of community which has helped to grow our cause and raise awareness about GMOs. Our food system may be broken but the people are not. We are creative, courageous and committed and we make a huge contribution to others by sharing with love.

Since the 4th of July parades we have received hundreds of stories, such as: Karen’s son went from daily use of an inhaler to never having to use an inhaler again after switching to an organic diet.

Cindy’s son switched to organic for two years ( and she is a single Mom who makes 40K so this was not easy, but it was important)  and this year when he entered high school,  NOT ONE of his new high school teachers could tell he was ever severely autistic.

His life is dramatically improved. Who knows how our country will benefit by the contribution this one person will make? He has, WE have a NEW future because his Mom found out about GMOs.

The projected level of autism is predicted to be 1 out of 2 of our children in the US within the next 20 years or sooner. That is half our children. What kind of society will we have? What kind of future and economy will we have if our children’s futures are compromised? We Moms say, not on our watch! We will not stop! The love for our children will never end. We want a new future NOW!­­­­

 We demand GMO labeling now so that the millions of people who still don’t know about GMOs can have the ability to take care of the families they love. Moms see that GMOs ARE substantially different and our kids get better when we get them off GMO foods. We demand that people of ALL economic backgrounds have access to GMO free and pesticide free solutions and we have faith in our farmers that they can provide them.

How many of you think that most people really don’t want to know about GMOs and pesticides because it’s too inconvenient? Let’s check in. How many of you know someone with diabetes, obesity, asthma, auto immune disorders, allergies or autism? 

Look around. I assert everyone really wants to know about GMOs because everyone knows someone in America who is sick. 1 out of 2 of our children have some form of chronic. 1 out of 2 of our American men and 1 out of 3 American women are expected to get cancer…so everyone WANTS to know about GMOs and pesticides because we have enough problems & we want solutions! We want a new future now!

So what can we do? Be a leader and inspire leaders! Join us in the celebration and sign up to host a 4th of July parade by Feb 14th “Share the Love, Sign Up your Parade Day” so we can have sponsors support the printing of the GMO flyers to pass out at the parades. 

Be the one to say, MY TOWN WILL KNOW about GMOs. 
Give them a new future. 

Go to and host one of the 75 parades in California and 589 parades on our list across the USA. Adopt a “Sister City”, another town with a parade, and call and connect with other , moms in the Moms Club, La Leche League or Holistic Moms Network, share about GMOs and support and foster new leaders! When we get outside of our comfort zone, we will win.  

We can reach 600,000 in California and 5 million people in the USA in a single day. We are called “consumers” AND we are also the creators of our future. The future belongs to YOU. The future belongs to me. The future belongs to US. This is OUR time for health and freedom in California and America! Thank you!

Go to for more information. Thank you.

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