Friday, February 21, 2014

Greenpeace - Yes on 522: GE Labeling Now!

Greenpeace - Yes on 522: GE Labeling Now!:

Yes on 522: GE Labeling Now!

GE crop labelingThe last thing you ate could have been genetically engineered. But you would never know.

That’s because right now in the state of Washington there’s no law requiring companies to label food that contains genetically engineered ingredients. You have a chance to change that with your vote this November.

Initiative 522 is a statewide measure that would require any food that has been genetically engineered to come with a simple label.

The same corporations that said DDT and Agent Orange were safe are working hard to defeat the initiative. We're fighting back with the truth.

Show your support for GE labeling by pledging to vote ‘yes’ on I-522 in November.

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