Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seed packets spread GM flax: Schmeiser - The Western Producer

Seed packets spread GM flax: Schmeiser - The Western Producer: "But Percy Schmeiser thinks he knows and he is pointing the finger at the developer of CDC Triffid, Alan McHughen.

“What really caused a stir was when he had come out with packages of this flax to the various schools in (Saskatchewan),” said Schmeiser.

 McHughen distributed small coin envelopes containing about 145 seeds of CDC Triffid in 2000, one year before he voluntarily deregistered the GM flax variety at the behest of the flax industry, which feared losing the European market if the variety were commercialized.

 After growers complained about him distributing the seed packets and the head of the University of Saskatchewan’s Crop Development Centre asked him to stop, McHughen agreed to sterilize the seeds but continued distributing the packets to people interested in seeing what a GM seed looked like."

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