Friday, March 28, 2014

Getting Schooled in GMOs | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS

Getting Schooled in GMOs | Jackson Free Press | Jackson, MS:

Genetically modified organisms really get around. GMOs in the form of corn, soy, wheat and rice—the crops most affected by genome modification to make a plant more resistant to insects or poor growing conditions—are at the center of scientific debate and legislative initiatives across the United States. At this point in time, unless you shop selectively, GMOs are likely to be at the center of your dinner plate.
"We've all been eating hundreds of pounds of this experimental food since the mid-1990s, yet polls tell us that 60 percent of Americans don't think they have ever eaten any GMOs. Another 15 percent aren't sure," says Luke Lundemo, CEO of Rainbow Co-op.
For the last four years, Rainbow has upheld a policy to keep no known GMO products on its shelves. Lundemo says the members of the co-operatively owned grocery keep the staff on their toes.
"Products are changing all the time. One big trend in the industry is for small start-up companies to be bought out by big food conglomerates who take over and mess with the formula," Lundemo explains. "We have to constantly watch for that. Every once in a while, we have removed a trusted product that we knew was safe, but then the ingredients changed."

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