Monday, April 7, 2014

Anti-GMO campaigners move focus to herbicide Roundup | Vancouver Sun

Anti-GMO campaigners move focus to herbicide Roundup | Vancouver Sun:

HT plants can be sprayed with herbicide formulations containing glyphosate, a herbicide that our governments consider relatively benign. But the anti-GMO lobby seems lately to have shifted its focus from trying to show that GMO foods themselves are harmful to tracking the presence of glyphosate in food and it accumulation in human beings.
Friends of the Earth Europe last year released the results of its own study of urine samples collected from volunteers in 18 countries. About 44 per cent of the samples tested positive for detectable levels of glyphosate.
Today Moms Across America did the FOE one better, releasing the results of their own sample testing of water, urine and breast milk. Three in 10 women had detectable levels in their breast milk and one presumes that these are volunteers who already avoid GMOs and therefore Roundup in their diet.
Moms Across America is hoping to spur independent peer-reviewed research that will validate their informal findings. The breast milk finding, if it can be replicated, bears a not-entirely-accidental resemblance to the fracas over PCBs, which are now known to be nasty, toxic and bioaccumulative.
Nice bit of strategy.

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