Sunday, April 6, 2014

Glyphosate herbicide linked to CKDu finally banned | Daily Nation

Glyphosate herbicide linked to CKDu finally banned | Daily Nation:

The President has issued instructions to ban on Glyphosate, a herbicide which according to a recently published health study is linked to the rampant spread of the Chronic Kidney Disease in Northern parts of the country.
SM Chandrasena, the new Deputy Minister to the Economic Development made the announcement. Around 50 percent of agrochemical products in Sri Lanka contain the dangerous chemical Glyphosate, although companies often hide the chemical behind various trade names, according to researchers.
Studies conducted by Dr. Channa Jayasumana of the RajarataUniversity show that the chemical Glyphosate found in agrochemicals has an adverse effect on humans when it enters the system. His findings suggest that due to its composition, Glyphosate is quick to mix with ‘hard’ or Kivul water. This, in turn, acts as a carrier of arsenic and heavy metals to the kidney. Due to the hard water and metals, the harmful chemicals remain in the kidneys for a long period, thus causing kidney disease.

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