Monday, April 7, 2014

Issues: National Pesticide Forum: Overview — Beyond Pesticides

Issues: National Pesticide Forum: Overview — Beyond Pesticides:

Advancing Sustainable Communities:
People, pollinators and practices

The 32nd National Pesticide Forum
April 11-12, 2014
Portland, Oregon

This year's 32nd National Pesticide Forum will be held at the University Place Hotel and Conference Center at Portland State University.
The Forum provides an opportunity for grassroots advocates, scientists, and policy makers to interact and strategize on solutions that are protective of health and the environment. Keynote presentations, workshops, and plenary panels will focus on solutions to the decline of pollinators and other beneficials; strengthening organic agriculture; improving farmworker protection and agricultural justice; and creating healthy buildings, schools and homes. By working with a range environmental, health, consumer, and farm organizations, we expect to bring together a diverse crowd in order to share our efforts to build local, state and national strategies for strength, growth and health—in line with our conference theme, Advancing Sustainable Communities.

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