Monday, May 5, 2014

Yes on Measure 17-58 to support local farms | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon

Yes on Measure 17-58 to support local farms | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon:

I have a bachelor's degree in agriculture-plant science and have been resisting the proliferation of GMOs in agriculture since 1997. I have farmed in Josephine County for seven years and currently work as an organic farm inspector visiting 75 organic farms a year.
Our region is uniquely positioned to grow world class seed crops due to our climate, isolation, and innovative local farmers. Many of my farm clients grow seed crops for companies all over the country, valued at several million dollars annually. The ability to diversify from growing staple vegetables, fruits, and grains and include seed production is an important part of their economic sustainability. Over the last few years this has become jeopardized by a non-U.S. agro-chemical/pharmaceutical corporation growing only 1 crop, genetically modified sugar beet seed, whose progeny is grown to produce unhealthy cheap sugar.
The choice is clear. Support hundreds of local producers to continue their diversified, often organic, food and seed production. Or allow out-of-area interests to bully us into accepting unsafe, chemically laden crops that contaminate our rich agricultural heritage. I have debated this topic with Ph.D research scientists who work in the GMO industry, myself receiving an "A" in agriculture genetics courses, and have yet to be convinced this technology provides any benefits to farmers, the environment, or local economies. Join me in voting yes on measure 17-58.
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