Friday, June 20, 2014

GMO University and Campaign Expenses

GMO University:

At 4am reading the Oregon Right To Know "GMO University" page, I discovered editing errors.....these lines are on the page twice:

"Labeling GMO foods would assist shoppers who are concerned about the potential effects of increased pesticides and herbicides to make informed purchasing decisions at the store.

The Oregon Right to Know initiative is about transparency and empowering shoppers. This is not a ban on genetically modified food and this is not a debate on the science. It’s about consumers getting the information we need to make our own decisions about the food we feed our families. Give us the information and we will make our own decisions."

I wanted to know what the campaign has been spending their $$$ on -

Fieldworks, LLC  "Management Services" Aggregate   $256,523.10

OLDMIXON HILL "Management Services" Aggregate  $45,205.64

GBA Strategies "Surveys and Polls" Aggregate : $44,000.00

Moxie Media "Management Services" Aggregate :  $24,448.00

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