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75% Support Labeling in Colorado - Right to Know Colorado GMO

75% Support Labeling in Colorado - Right to Know Colorado GMO:

An independent survey of 500 registered Colorado voters conducted by Denver-based RBI Strategies shows strong, broad support for requiring foods made with genetically modified, or GMO, ingredients to be labeled “Produced with Genetic Engineering” in Colorado. 

Reflecting a June 2014 ABC News poll showing that a vast majority (93%) of Americans are in favor of mandatory GMO labeling, an independent survey in the state of Colorado shows that, overall, 75% of Colorado registered voters would vote "yes" to require labeling of foods made with genetically engineered ingredients, or GMOs, sold in the state. 

"These are very strong numbers and indicate that Colorado voters are highly inclined to support an initiative to require GMO labeling,” said Rick Ridder, President of RBI Strategies & Research.

When asked if a voter had to vote "yes" or "no" on an initiative to require food that has been genetically modified be labeled “Produced with Genetic Engineering,” the survey of Colorado registered voters found that "voters across all demographic, political and geographic segments favor GMO labeling on food products sold in the state," said Ridder.

The survey of 500 registered voters was conducted by RBI Strategies & Research, a Denver-based research and consulting firm, on behalf of the Right to Know Colorado Ballot Initiative #48 to label GMO foods. The margin of error for the survey is +/- 4.38% at the 95% confidence level. Calls were conducted on land lines and cell phones.

"Showdown" State for GMO Labeling
Along with a 2014 ballot initiative in Oregon to label GMO foods, Colorado is becoming a “showdown” state for GMO labeling. The Colorado campaign is on track to turn in the required number of signatures by August 4 to place Initiative #48 on the 2014 fall election ballot. Wins in Colorado and Oregon, along with recent victories in Connecticut and Vermont, could help turn the tide in support of mandatory federal labeling of GMOs, something the vast majority of Americans want, says ABC News.

“Like all Americans, the majority of Coloradans want the right to know how our food is produced,” said Larry Cooper, proponent for the Right to Know Colorado ballot initiative to label GMO foods. "Very clearly, Coloradans feel they have a right to know what is in their food so that they can choose a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their children. They also want Colorado ranchers and farmers to have overseas markets for their products Labeling makes common sense to the majority of Colorado families," Cooper added.

Where Do I Sign?
Registered voters in Colorado can sign petitions for the Right to Know Colorado ballot initiative #48 to label GMO foods at leading retailers across the state including Natural Grocers, Whole Foods Market and others. Right to Know Colorado petition circulators also are collecting signatures through the end of July at farmers markets and major events throughout the state. For more information about signature gathering locations and to volunteer, visit

To view the Colorado Right to Know Initiative #48 ballot title to label GMOs as approved by the Colorado Supreme Court, visit

About GMO Labeling
With no federal GMO labeling requirements in place in the U.S., it is estimated that more than 80% of conventional processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients, primarily from GMO corn, soy, canola, cotton, sugar beets and other GMO crops. However, according to national GMO labeling advocacy organization Just Label It, more than 90% of U.S. consumers surveyed want mandatory labeling of GMO foods. While pro-biotech interests claim that GMOs are safe, a growing body of scientific research suggests there may be enough risks to justify the need for consumer transparency. More than 64 other countries require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered or GMO foods. Colorado joins more than two dozen other states, including Oregon, Arizona, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania and elsewhere, in calling for GMO labeling legislation.

About Right to Know Colorado
Right to Know Colorado GMO is a grassroots campaign to achieve mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods or GMOs across the state. Right to Know Colorado is built on the foundation that we have the basic right to know what is in our food and what we are feeding our families. The campaign gives Coloradans the opportunity to make informed decisions about their diet, health, and general lifestyle. Food labels list and describe nearly every detailed component of the food product, from the caloric values and processing information, to the fat and protein content and the known allergens. Adding a simple label for GMO ingredients would fulfill Colorado consumers’ right to know, enabling them to make educated food purchases and dietary choices for themselves and their families. For more information visit, or on Facebook

To contribute, visit, or contact Steven Hoffman, Compass Natural Marketing,, tel 303.807.1042.

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