Tuesday, July 15, 2014

GMO Polls 1998 - 2003

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Labeling GM Foods
An overwhelming majority thinks GM foods should be labeled as such. A strong majority would be willing to pay more to ensure labeling, and an overwhelming majority would like to have access to detailed information about such products. A strong majority also regards it as legitimate for Europe and Japan to require labeling of genetically modified products, even if this might discourage consumers from buying US products. Even though the FDA is highly trusted, a strong majority believes current regulations are not adequate to protect people.
In recent surveys an overwhelming majority has held that GM foods should be labeled as genetically modified. A July 2003 ABC News survey found that a near-unanimous 92% felt that "the federal government should...require labels on food saying whether or not it has been genetically modified or bio-engineered." Only 6% believed the government should not require labeling. [1] In June 2000, a Harris Interactive poll found that 86% believe "the government should require the labeling of all packaged and other food products" stating that they contain ingredients that "have come from genetically modified crops." Just 13% felt that such labeling is "not important". [2] Likewise, 82% told Time/CNN pollsters in December 1998 that "genetically engineered food should be labeled as such" (should not be labeled: 14%). [3]
Other data also indicate that a very strong majority would also prefer more information be made available, in addition to labeling. [4] Even when informed that "such labeling would require special handling that would raise the price of food," more than two-thirds (68%) said they would personally be "willing to pay more for [their] food in order to have new labels that would indicate the presence of foods produced using biotechnology" (Gallup, September 1999). [5] Twenty-nine percent said they would not be willing to pay more. In a similar question, a January 2001 Mellman-POS survey asked "how important it is…to know whether a product contains genetically modified agricultural products." Seventy-five percent said it is at least "somewhat important", with a strong plurality (46%) saying it is "very important"; only about 1 in 5 felt it unimportant.

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