Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oregon Right to Know | Donate

Oregon Right to Know | Donate:

Oregon Right to Know

Here in Oregon we're counting on supporters like you.
We have until midnight to raise $20,000 – that’s a lot of money.
The good news is we’re just a few hundred dollars short of our goal. But our records show that we haven’t received your donation yet.
We are counting on you to help us beat our goal for this important deadline at midnight, tonight.
Contact Record: 728
Name: Jack Olmsted
Deadline: MIDNIGHT
Suggested amount: $5
Whether it’s an apple that’s been genetically engineered not to brown or a salmon that’s had its genes spliced with an eel-like fish, we should have the right to decide for ourselves whether to eat genetically engineered foods.
Stand with us tonight:
Oregon Right to Know

Account Summary Information for July 1, 2014
     Cash Contributions $1,157,939.68
     Loans Received (non-exempt) $0.00
     In-Kind $4,620.20
     Total Contributions $1,162,559.88
     Cash Expenditures $984,623.49
     Loan Payments (non-exempt) $0.00
     In-Kind $4,620.20
     Total Expenditures $989,243.69
Cash Balance
     Beginning Balance (Previous Year) $0.00
     Total Contributions $1,162,559.88
     Other Receipts $134.00
     Loans Received (exempt) $0.00
 subtotal :$1,162,693.88
     Total Expenditures $989,243.69
     Other Disbursements $20.00
     Loan Payments (exempt) $0.00
 subtotal :$989,263.69
     Balance Adjustments $0.00
     Ending Cash Balance $173,430.19
Financial Status
     Cash Balance $173,430.19
     Accounts Receivable $0.00
 subtotal :$173,430.19
     Total Outstanding Loans $0.00
     Outstanding Personal Expenditures $156.46
     Accounts Payable $34,790.29
 subtotal :$34,946.75
     Balance Deficit $138,483.44

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