Thursday, July 17, 2014

Potential for real food fight if GMO labeling makes ballot | Colorado Statesman

Potential for real food fight if GMO labeling makes ballot | Colorado Statesman:

Proponents of a proposed ballot initiative that would require labeling of genetically modified foods are nearing the end of their signature drive, setting up a real food fight between citizens and producers.
The Right to Know initiative has collected about 90,000 signatures. They must collect at least 86,105 valid signatures by Aug. 4 in order to make the November ballot.

If voters approve the ballot measure, then beginning in July 2016, food in Colorado would be deemed misbranded unless the words “produced with genetic engineering” appears on its label. The measure would affect both packaged and raw foods such as produce.
Also known as GMOs, the broad definition simply encompasses foods produced with organisms that have been altered through various applications, including DNA techniques and the direct injection of nucleic acid.
The drive comes following failed attempts by the legislature to address the issue. Most recently, Rep. Jeanne Labuda, D-Denver, pushed House Bill 1058 this year, which would have amended the Colorado Food and Drug Act to define “genetically engineered.”
It would have also allowed a person who sells, distributes or offers non-GMO food for sale in Colorado to voluntarily label the food as not containing GMOs, as well as criminalized false labeling.

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