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Cornell University Study (April 2014)

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Groups opposed to GMO Labeling in Oregon and Colorado site this Cornell University Study that is used in debates and mainstream media includes in articles.

Denver 9-News (Aug. 20)
A Cornell University study found a similar proposal could add at least $44 a year to the grocery bill for a family of four and as much $400 more if companies decide to stop using GMO's because of the rules.

Portland KATU TV (Aug. 5)
"Your Voice, Your Vote:" Oregon's GMO labeling debate

The study was conducted by William Lesser, Susan E. Lynch Professor in Science and Business, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University (1)

The footnote (1) on the first page states: This document reflects my personal opinions and does not represent the position of Cornell University. The work on this report was supported financially by the Council for Biotechnology Information.

Council for Biotechnology=The Council for Biotechnology Information which includes BASF, Bayer CropScience, Dow AgroSciences, DuPont, Monsanto Company and Syngenta.

The top site that appears at the top of a Google Search on "Council for Biotechnology" is GMO Answers (a biotech propaganda site)

William Lesser's research focuses on the implications of agricultural biotechnology products on production costs and the size, structure, and geographic distribution of farming.

Would anyone like to post the links William
Lesser has with Kellogg's, Monsanto and BioTech?

In this article, " Want to Increase Food Insecurity in New York? Label GMOs!", "Food costs will go up to New York consumers by an average of $500 per year for a family of four."

But during the Portland KATU TV debate and in the Denver 9-News it was stated that food costs for a family of four would increase on average of $400/year.

Last year, Washington Research Council Report on Washington's I-522 GMO Labeling inititive, the figure was that food costs for a family of four would increase on average of $450/year

In 2002, the opposition to the Oregon GMO Labeling measure 27 stated food costs for a family of four would increase on average of $550/year

"Consumers would pay higher food costs. In fact, a recent study estimated that Measure 27's labeling scheme would cost an average family of four an additional $550 a year."

New Cornell Course: The GMO Debate – Science and Society

Cornell University (YouTube)
GMOs: Misconceptions and Concerns (pro-biotech)

Cornell (William Lesser ) Report

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