Monday, August 25, 2014

GMO requirement splits panel

GMO requirement splits panel: "California voters rejected a similar measure by 51 percent in 2012, and Washington voters, 55 percent in 2013 (wrong), after a record amount of spending for a statewide campaign.

 A similar measure is on the statewide ballot in Colorado, where a citizen review will take place for the first time in September. Arizona is the other state where a citizen review process will be tested this year.

 While most voters will not get the same intensive course of study as the 20 panelists on the Citizens’ Initiative Review, McCormick says, “there will be a lot of opportunities for voters to get information – and when they consider the implications of this measure, you will see a similar result.”

 The spokesman for the Yes on 92 campaign says opponents were able to persuade just enough panelists with what he described as discredited or outdated cost studies from previous campaigns.

 “But we’re heartened by the commission’s support of the central argument that Oregonians have a right to know what is in the food we eat and feed our families,” says Sandeep Kaushik of Oregon Right to Know. “This just shows we’ll need to fight hard to combat the misleading and deceptive tactics of the opposition.”"

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