Sunday, August 31, 2014

WWGF News Google Hangout: Interview with Moms Across America Leaders

Zen Honeycutt, founder/director Moms Across America, will discuss her recent trip to China to attend the International Conference on GMOs , the EPA, state labeling initiatives and the Roundup breast milk study.

Moms Across America

Marcy Goetz-Than will talk about the Colorado Labeling campaign.

Time Code List (numbers are hot links in YouTube description box)

1:56 Why did you get involved with this movement?
3:36 Slide 1 -
3:57 Zen's visit
4:16 GMO Free Candy
4:38 Parkhill Parade Group (2013)
4:49 Booth at Bees and Butterflies Fest
5:59 Parkhill Parade Group (2014)
6:50 Stroller Sign
7:48 Sec State Rally
8:21 Plan of Action
10:21 Shipping costs - Flyers
11:55 Working on CO edu team
13:11 Stepping up to be a MAA Leader - speaking up for our kids
14:38 Oregon Right To Know M92 Report
16:38 Stronger Message Required
19:28 Letters To The Editor Campaign
21:03 Zen's Trip To China
22:33 Prize Possession
23:33 PPT - Impact of GMO/Glyphosate on American Children and What We Can Do About It
24:32 Moms Across America
27:01 Why Moms?
28:12 US Health on decline, sick kids, cancer, IQ drop 7pts
30:09 GMOs=Poison (2014)
30:30 Round-up Superweeds, 30-300X Higher Since May, Seralini Study - 1,000X more toxic
33:38 What are moms seeing?
35:10 Jennifer Lawrenson
38:28 Glyphosate Test Maps
40:40 Breast Milk
42:27 EPA Day - Your job is to protect us, no statement
43:37 Children Collateral Damage - risk assessment
49:35 Rise of Autism
49:46 Cancer - Beyond R2K, our children are being attacked
51:40 Feeding World
52:12 What to do?
56:05 China Newspaper
58:32 PPT for doctors
59:25 Power Point: Grassroots Impact of GMOs Glyphosate on American Children for China
59:44 Important these numbers get out, people catching on, not healthy
1:01:15 Stats - Moms and China
1:02:00 Meat Production
1:02:54 Forks over Knives -
1:03:21 US Meat Production -
1:03:40 Lifestyle change, GMA $
1:04:35 R2K and product children's health
1:05:25 Miscarriages of field workers study
1:05:47 Danish Farmer Study 30-50% more
1:07:00 GMOs misinformation, not like legos
1:10:30 Testing Labs?
1:14:00 Mary -

Podcast of Google Hangout Session

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