Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Do You Know What You Are Eating? A Look at Genetically Modified Foods - Part 2 | Smart Publications

Do You Know What You Are Eating? A Look at Genetically Modified Foods - Part 2 | Smart Publications:

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Does it make any sense, that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned six natural foods manufacturers to change their labels that advertise products as not containing genetically engineered ingredients? Does it all come down to the FDA backing the big business mentality and protecting bio-tech firms that stand to cash in on an experiment that may have dire effects for generations to come?

Ken Roseboro, publisher of a monthly newsletter, "The Non-GMO Source," reported in Natural Foods Merchandiser (March, 02) that "the FDA objected to the term 'genetically modified organisms,' saying that most cultivated crops have been genetically modified through the use of technologies other than biotechnology, and that most foods do not contain organisms."

The FDA sent letters to B & G Foods, Inc., Hain Celestial Group, Healthy Times, Spectrum Organic Products, U.S. Mills Inc., and Van's International Foods, and objected to their using acronyms such as "Non-GMO," No GMO," or "GMO-free."

The FDA also expressed concern that several labels implied that products were superior because they did not contain GE ingredients. (NFM, March, 02)

But the truth is, these products are superior. For example, Spectrum Organic Products Inc. works so hard to ensure the food it sells is free from genetically modified organisms that it sends employees as far as France to purchase corn oil guaranteed to be untainted by biotechnology.

Unfortunately, even though all six companies disagreed with the FDA's complaints, they plan to either change or remove their labels, rather than engage in a legal battle with the FDA.

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