Sunday, September 7, 2014

GMO Free USA - Timeline Photos

GMO Free USA - Timeline Photos:

THE EVIDENCE IS IN: 61% of Americans surveyed say GMOs impact their personal health. The report, "GMOs: What Do U.S. Consumers Really Think of GMOs?" was published by the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) and found that both awareness and concern about genetically modified foods are growing. Steve French, NMI managing partner, said that concerns over GMOs are part of a larger trend toward greater food transparency. That's absolutely right. WE NEED TO KNOW IF IT'S GMO.


Let's keep up the momentum for food transparency! Help the states of Colorado and Oregon to follow in the footsteps of Vermont. Colorado and Oregon voters have the opportunity to make mandatory GMO labeling the law this November at the polls, and to stick it to the agrichemical industry, Big Food and Big Ag. Help Colorado and Oregon make it happen so they can stand shoulder to shoulder with Vermont. We Need To Know If It's GMO.

Volunteer, donate and vote:

Right To Know Colorado - GMO

Oregon Right To Know

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