Saturday, September 27, 2014

GMO Labeling: Seattle Political Consultant Dana Bieber Debates "No Side" On PBS Stations In Oregon and Colorado

Colorado Decides Live Stream: Proposition 105 Debate
15:03 Assumption: Issue not about labeling....GMO foods. Supporters are left side of political equation. How are we going to feed the growing world population "without biotech"? (Eric Sondermann)

Shannon Ridge: I'm so glad Robyn spoke for Colorado mothers like myself. It is about time that we know what is in the food we purchase. I was unaware for a long while that our corn, soy, sugar and canola was made in a lab. Although there are many exemptions in this particular legislation, we must vote YES to stand up for our right to know what we are buying. This initiative is a start to food and product transparency. Many other states are doing this very same thing because Americans are learning what has been done to our food. 64 other countries already have similar laws. Since this is new technology, we should be able to track it and trace it. If these organisms can be patented, they should be labeled as something different. It is no longer just corn if it can be registered with the EPA as a pesticide -- it should be labeled in our food as such! Vote YES on 105.

Zen Honeycutt: This issue is our right to know what is in our foods AND GMOs. We have the right to know that red food dye is in our food because it is an ingredient in our food period. We also need to know because some children react adversely to it. GMOs are a foreign protein ingredient in our food. And they have been shown to mutate DNA and wreak havoc in animals in scientific studies. GMOs are also genetically engineered to withstand pesticides or to be a pesticide. Everyone knows pesticides kill things. W have the right to avoid pesticides in our food.We now know that the main ingredient in Roundup, which 80% of GMOs are genetically engineered to withstand, glyphosate, does NOT wash or cook off. We are eating a poison which has been shown to kill gut bacteria ( weakens the immune system), cause chelation of vital nutrients ( vitamin and mineral deficiency which can lead to cancer) and endocrine disruption ( birth defects).

As a mother, I have a right to protect my child from being poisoned and sick. Doctors need to know to provide care for their patients. Health insurance providers need to know to support their customers to prevent expensive health conditions.

Yes the issue is GMOs and we demand that they be labeled clearly.

And no we do not need GMOs to feed the world. We have farmed and fed mankind for thousands of years before GMOs and toxic chemcials and we can do it again. In fact it is imperative to the survival of the human race that we do this again. Our human race will not survive if we continue to spray hundreds of millions of gallons of pesticides on our food crops every year. GMOs are not feeding the world, they are making us sick.

Diana Reeves - GMO Free USA: That question was off topic and inappropriate - the answer should have been - that question has nothing to do with this debate - this debate is about the right to know and the freedom to choose what we eat and feed our families. 64 countries around the world have the information they need to make informed choices and so should we. We'd be happy to provide the facts and figures in support of how & why the world can feed itself quite nicely without GMOs but that information is not relevant to a debate on the need for labeling GMOs.

Pamm Larry: I think it's another one of their false assumptions taken as truth because the lie has been told so many times people believe it.

Interview with Sandeep Kaushik, Oregon GMO Right to Know Communications Director

Podcast: Oregon Public Broadcasting Debate with Sandeep Kaushik, Spokesman for Oregon Right to Know, and Dana Bieber: Spokeswoman for Vote No On 92 (Sept. 24)

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