Monday, January 19, 2015

A Grim Very Tale: The Kehoe Paradigm By Jeff Berg

A Grim Very Tale: The Kehoe Paradigm By Jeff Berg:

Industry in the U.S. has used the Kehoe paradigm to block the regulation of asbestos, cigarettes, pesticides, CFC's, coal power's connection to acid rain, nuclear power's connection to cancer, to name a few.
Today of course there are GMO's and neonicotinoid pesticides and the disappearance of the bees. Most famously and very likely most dangerously of all the energy industry is using the very same tactic over the burning of fossil fuels and its link to climate change.
If the sordid history of money, industry and the courts was taught in our schools as the potentially suicidal stupidity and corruption that it is then we would long ago have changed our laws so that industry could be channelled into less lethal ways of doing business.
Instead they are able to perform the same cheap intellectual trick over and over again for now closing on a century. This is how conspiracies to deceive the public against their best interests are carried out in our, and every other society since time immemorial. And yes it is a conspiracy. As any student of the law can tell you there is nothing grandiose or delusional concerning the charge of conspiracy.The very opposite is true. Definitionally all it means is that there are two or more people involved in attempting to subvert the law. As a matter of statistical reality it is a charge that occurs in over 60% of every criminal case filed by our courts.
All of which goes to show. At every stage from grade school to grad school it is made evident by our doctrinal systems that there are certain questions it just would not do to ask. Not if you want join the money.

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