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Interview With Barbara Loe Fisher President Of The National Vaccine Information Center

WWGF News host Kathleen Hallal interviews Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), a non-profit charity she co-founded with parents of DPT vaccine injured children in 1982. For the past three decades, she has led a national, grassroots movement and public information campaign to institute vaccine safety reforms and informed consent protections in the public health system. NOTE: The above video is the complete 1 hour 7 minute session.

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1:05 Barbara's background 
1:40 Came from a medical family
1:50 Never asked questions about vaccines, 23 doses of 7 vaccines
2:14 The 4th DPT Shot 
2:42 I walked into my sons room...
3:02 I called out his name...
3:08 How old was he?
3:44 It never occurred to me that he was unconscious 
3:54 My mother called me
4:06 You have to go wake him up
4:43 I didn't know what I know now...
5:26 He woke up the next day - he was very quite. We kind of forgot about it
6:02 My son is constantly sick...
6:16 I took him to the doctor...
6:42 Take him home and love him...
7:05 Eventually, he was diagnosed with minimal brain damage, multiple learning disabilities, ADD, dyslexia...  
7:43 My son today is 37 years old 
8:21 I see so many children who are much more severely damaged

8:28 The reason I continue to do this work...I've been doing this work for 33 years and we have seen this explosion of chronic disease and disability among our children
9:20 We can't leave off the research table...
9:50 The price tag our country is paying for these chronically ill individuals is astonishing
10:15 For 30 years, NVIC has been calling for the good science to be done
10:30 It is unfortunate that the government and the medical community is writing off the children who regress after vaccination as just coincidences, that there is not cause and effect...this is totally unacceptable, the mothers of this country have to quit our jobs and become full time care givers of our is up to us to urge  these companies and the government to do better science.

11:30 Google/YouTube: Here this well -  Hundreds of stories from families 

12:20 I am not anti-vaccine, but there are questions as to the safety of these vaccines...
12:31 Do you know how many children had a reaction to that particular vaccine that your son had?
13:06 We vaccinated (1982). We were looking for a safer vaccine. It took us 14 years.
13:36 During those 14 years, I learned a lot. 
13:56 Japan had been using a safer pertussis vaccine for several years when my son was hurt
14:03 I didn't understand why was it so hard for us to make an improvement in a vaccine. They I realized that this system was not really being transparent or accountable to the people for the kind of science that I felt was very shotty....

WFAA 8 News Report - The Hayley Graves Prevnar Story (2001)

14:49 This organization has never been anti-vaccine
14:59 Informed consent means...
15:30 January 14, when the measles outbreak at Disneyland occurred
15:53 The companies that produce these vaccines do not have to be accountable in a civil court of law
17:06 We have to consider that there are risks with vaccines, 53 recommended shots by 6 years old
17:39 Texas Governor tried to force the Gardasil vaccine on Texans  
18:29 What are your thoughts on the Disneyland situation and the measles outbreak?

Measles in Disneyland: Third MMR Shot & Vaccine Exemption Ban (Barbara Loe Fisher)

19:12 I wrote a column about the Disneyland outbreak on January 28th with 82 references: 
21:54 I think they are saying that the mumps is only effective in 40% of the cases now
22:23 They are taking away our choices
22:38 In the 90's, they were talking about the holy-grail of vaccines
23:14 Individual susceptibility - we are not all the same.
23:52 If doctors can not tell ahead of time who is going to the harmed by a vaccine - this is not a product that should to be forced on people. 

Barbara Loe Fisher (1986)  "The Morning Show" with Regis Philbin

24:20 We are at an intersection in time with poor science that is not convincing the educated parents of America that these vaccines have been studied enough
25:48 There is no debate that our health problems and skyrocketing...we are getting crickets from Wash. in three children in the USA has a chronic health condition....could it be a chemical cocktail of many things?
26:31 It is not just about vaccines - it is about the food we eat, environmental toxins, lifestyles that don't include enough exercise....
27:50 It is at the heart of what it means to be free, exercising the freedom of speech
28:30 I've been speaking for 20 years that this day was coming
29:58 You mentioned a partnership between industry and the government?
30:57 We came to the table and fought as hard as we could
  • Vaccine Safety Conference Opening Address - Barbara Loe Fisher


31:18 In 2011, the US Supreme Court declared that vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe"
31:30 If the FDA licences the vaccine as safe, no lawsuits

31:40 It was in 2011, Government Medical Trade Pharmaceutical Alliance went into the states and started state-by-state and tried to restrict the personal belief exemptions. 

33:05 They don't want it to hold. When we see these cases of measles this year - 121 cases - in a population of 320 million people

33:40 This week here are the states with legislation to take away the personal belief exemption: CA, WA, VT, TX, OR, PA, MT, NJ

35:04 Reactions to vaccines don't qualify? "It was a coincidence" Now, what is a mother to do? They are challenging our right to protect our children from harm.

36:48 NVIC Advocacy Portal, a participatory democracy mechanism
38:40 Since the US Supreme declared vaccines "unavoidably unsafe" and the states taking out rights away it seems cruel. Because they are deciding a curtain number of children will be damaged by vaccines. Oh, well! I thought EPA based their decisions on safety. 

39:58 NBC Survey of Congress and Vaccines

41:35 You were talking about collateral damage...Utilitarianism
Crimes Against Humanity & The Informed Consent Ethic

Utilitarianism, like eugenics, was discredited during the Doctor’s Trial at Nuremberg after World War II when medical doctors and scientists, who were charged with crimes against humanity, used the utilitarian rationale to justify medical experiments on captive human subjects. The Doctor’s Trial in 1946 gave birth to the Nuremberg Code and the ethical principle of informed consent, which has been the guiding principle in the ethical practice of modern medicine since then.21 Respect for the informed consent principle protects ordinary people from exploitation by wealthy and powerful individuals, corporations and institutions in society, who are in charge of defining “the greater good” and can easily invoke that utilitarian argument to commit civil and human rights abuses.

42:09 How many people have been thrown under the vaccine bus? Who are they?
42:30 The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national vaccine safety surveillance program co-sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).   
44:02 I have a lot of parents that do not want to go to pediatricians any more. It is my way or the highway!
44:40 Our vaccine schedules vary from other nations...Why do we have to accept this climb in numbers every year? Who decides this? Small number of people at the CDC. Little safety studies. Big gaps in the science.
46:32 List of vaccines that are in the pipeline...they are coming...320 million person market...lots of profit to be made. 

47:37 What do you mean an industry/government partnership?
48:32 They are the ones that are suppose to be watch dogs for us? Don't we pay them?  There is a revolving door.

In politics, the "revolving door" is a movement of personnel between roles as legislators and regulators and the industries affected by the legislation and regulation. In some cases the roles are performed in sequence but in certain circumstances may be performed at the same time. - Wikipedia  

49:15 Pending Federal lawsuit with two ex-Merck employees...

CDC Whistle Blower admits MMR Vaccine causes Autism


50:31 The attention being paid to the measles and the call for the elimination of personal belief exemptions is an attempt to divert public attention away from the substantive issues about what is wrong with the mandatory vaccination system. Starting with the science.

50:56 Article by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr
CDC Scientist Still Maintains Agency Forced Researchers To Lie About Safety Of Mercury Based Vaccines  

51:23 I feel frustrated. I heard that the new schedule for 2015 is 53 vaccines by the time the child is 6 years old because they have added in the flu vaccines...Will vaccines for adults be mandatory, too? Health care worker can get fired for not getting an annual flu shot. Teachers are being targeted...

52:49 When you have this incremental creep where your rights are taken away at a step at a time ...we all feel it won't be us...

53:41 Science evolves. It is not static. Look at the new science...the new frontier in science...this one size fits all approach to vaccination is going to look so neanderthal....We are all unique individuals. Individuals make up the community.

54:53 Why are they concerned about the measles? Why not diabetes and crohn's disease and celiac and autism and ADHD and food allergies....They are not reacting to things that are effecting 1-3 children. Can you play the devil's advocate? What are the risks if a small portion of the population does not vaccinate? Why is there a panic now? Are the numbers of people not vaccinating increasing?

56:44 The situation right now is that 95% of children entering kindergarten have gotten at least two MMR shots. Some states it is almost 100%. Herd immunity...If this thinking is flawed, then we are going to have to re-think that a curtain number of people that are vaccinated are going to protect the entire community
58:50 I know why this is happening in terms of measles. The World Health Organization have said we are going to eradicate measles by 2020. There should be a balance here. 

Dr. Mercola Interviews Barbara Loe Fisher on Forced Vaccinations (Part 2 of 4)

1:01:25 I believe that vaccines benefit society. My issue is should our rights be taken away as parents? 

1:04:09 There appears to be more animosity in this subject matter than what has gone around in our parent communities. People seem to feel black or white about the issue....and it is funny because I don't. I'm middle of the road. 

Movie - Trace Amounts

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