Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Priceless Story Behind the Cost Of GMOS | Moms Across America

The Priceless Story Behind the Cost Of GMOS | Moms Across America

A Conversation with Tara Cook Littman Part One
Tara-Cook Littman, Mom of three and one of the leaders of a coalition of 37 states for ballot initiatives and legislature to label GMOs, is on the phone with me from Connecticut, my home state, and we have an immediate connection. The first thing she says is that her “favorite part about all this, is connecting with people from all over the United States” and I know I have found a kindred soul. She goes on to tell me about how she was just in Washington D.C. marching with hundreds of other farmers and supporters from Food Democracy Now and other groups, from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, D.C etc…and the relationships and the connections she made with these committed people just meant the world to her. She described with loving warmth, how she, at 37, “Demonstrated, ate, slept and talked, for three days, with a 20 and 50 year old women from different states and backgrounds. They talked about things they never talk about and laughed til they cried and became the best of friends. She said,”We asked each other, “How is it that we have not known each other for the past twenty years???? Connecting with people about this restores my faith in humanity.”

This is the priceless story behind the cost of GMOs. This is something that Monsanto and major food organizations cannot pay for with more advertising to buy away from us. No amount of money in the world can alter a human connection and bond of like minded people. Even from cross country, the trust and connections we create in moments is worth more than billions. Money literally cannot buy love.

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