Friday, February 22, 2013

Eclipse2012 - FormidableVegetable SoundSystem LIVE!

Formidable Vegetable Soundsystem is a uplifting new experiment in ‘ecological edutainment’ that mashes together speakeasy electroswing-style wonk and live vocabulous ukulele quirk that aims to pound simple solutions of sustainability deep into your consciousness with a decent serving of Radish Beets. By busting out their live show and following it up with a workshop on the principles of permaculture (a sustainable design science) at some later time and place, Formidable Vegetable Sound System has been a raging success on the Australian festival circuit with packed dancefloors and workshops alike at internationally renowned festivals such as Eclipse 2012 Festival, Rainbow Serpent and Woodford Festival. With music being one of the best tools for getting the word out there, globetrotting permaculture troubadour, Charlie Mgee has dedicated the last couple of years to composing a repertoire of swingin’ tunes on a ukulele addressing the 12 principles of permaculture in various musical styles ranging from ‘energy-descent electroswing’ and ‘climate-change reggae’ to ‘peak-oil polka’, all of which make for an eccentrically entertaining, if not unforgettable dancefloor experience when smashed through the soundsystem.

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