Sunday, April 28, 2013

Farmers Say GMOs Give Them Competitive Edge

Leslie Stoddard, GMO Free Idaho, once suffered from ulcerative colitis, she said, caused by the foods she ate. When she switched to organic, things improved and she felt healthier.

Tom Billington, who has been farming since about 1970 in south Twin Falls, said in order for farmers to survive, they must adapt to modern times and its technology.

“How do you stay competitive?”he asked. “You have to use genetic crops, change financially or go out of business.”

Billington chose to adapt. Today his crops get a little boost by using genetically modified seeds, which he said give more bang for the buck. They’re more expensive to purchase because they’re patented seeds, he said, but the output is better.

Farmers Say GMOs Give Them Competitive Edge

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