Tuesday, May 28, 2013

“March against Monsanto” in Toronto and Vancouver and around the planet | The Bovine

Toronto March on Monsanto Saturday May 25. Local citizens march in solidarity with others around the world. Photographer Robert Bright wondered where the media were. Is this not news?
Robert Bright reports on the Toronto March against Monsanto:
SPECIAL TO THE BOVINE: On a chilly, but sunny Saturday afternoon in Toronto, I made my way down to St. James Park on King Street East between Jarvis and Church Streets.  Despite the chill, I decided against wearing a jacket so I could prominently display my snazzy, new “Monsanto – Biohazard” t-shirt.  (It was a toss-up between this shirt or my, “OMG! GMO! WTF!?” t-shirt.)  Strolling up Jarvis Street from The St. Lawrence Market I felt exhilarated to be going to my first protest march in years.
As I neared St. James Park at around 1:45 pm, I saw about 150 or so protesters who had gathered near the gazebo where organisers had set up a crude sound system.  The facebook event plan notice I checked out said they were expecting about 1,600 people. Where was everybody?  I started to worry that the march was not going to be that big after all.  Armed only with Nikon P-510, I decided I had better get down to business and start snapping some photos. Hopefully the throngs of people that were expected would show up soon. The organisers (Millions Against Monsanto in Toronto) had lined up some speakers before the actually march got underway to get the crowd amped up and excited.
“Kids Right to Know” march organizer, 14 yr old Rachel Parent speaks to the crowd at the Toronto March on Monsanto rally Saturday. Photo Peggy Keller
As I busied myself with taking some pictures I did not notice the crowd slowly growing all around me. It seemed dozens of people were arriving by the minute and it was getting more difficult to move around.  People from all walks of life, young and old, small groups and families, people of all types of backgrounds began organizing their signs and costumes.
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“March against Monsanto” in Toronto and Vancouver and around the planet | The Bovine:

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