Sunday, May 26, 2013

Millions March Against Monsanto! - YouTube

Millions March Against Monsanto! - YouTube:

Questions for Tami Monroe Canal
Google Hangout
Monday March 27
10am (PST)

1) Congratulations! You must feel so proud of igniting a global phenomenon?
2) Leading up to the March did you ever consider changing the name from "March Against Monsanto" to something else with a more positive ring to it? Several organizations declined to participate because they didn't want to be associated with an event that was against something.
3) Was the outcome on Saturday beyond your wildest dreams?
4) What was it like the week leading up to the march?
5) Who are some of your team members that help your organize the march?
6) What did you do on Saturday?
7) What was the march like in Salt Lake City?
8) How many people participated in the march? How many cities?
9) Tell us about the documentary you are working on.
10) What were some of the highlights for you on Saturday?
11) How do you feel about the lack of media coverage and the under reporting of the international event in the US mainstream press?
12) Did you have any sponsors for the march? If so, what were there roles?
13) Did any celebrities endorse the march?
14) What are some of the photos and videos that you like from the march? Where can we see them?
15) If you could do it over again, what would you do differently?
16) Are you planning another international event this year?
17) What is your background?
18) What social media sites are you using to keep people connected?
19) When did you first learn about GMOS?
20) What did you do on the Prop 37 campaign?
21) How do you deal with pro-BioTech online trolls?
22) Have you experienced any 'biotech-blow-back" from the march?

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