Thursday, May 30, 2013

Over Two Million Marched Against Monsanto | nsnbc international

Over Two Million Marched Against Monsanto | nsnbc international: "Networking among grassroots organizations, among other with the help of social media, helped the initially small grassroots initiative to develop into a global campaign and manifestation with over two million people protesting.

March Against Monsanto director Nick Bernabe stated, that genetically engineered food could affect everybody, even the apathetic: “

What we’re trying to do is bring awareness to GMOs and the health effects that they’re causing and bring about some solutions about what people can do to take back their food supply,” he said.

Monsanto, who recently has described current research into GMO crops as inconclusive, is engaged in a global lobbying campaign so as to being able to continue with the manufacturing of laboratory-made foods without governmental oversight."

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