Sunday, June 16, 2013

I am SO upset right now I can hardly believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Connie Marie Gashler (Part 2)

Many of you, my friends, and many 1000's of people have read my post just previous to this one. I am absolutely blown away by the out pouring of support, and solidarity that have come from people all over the world. My inbox is over flowing with 100's of notes with concern, support, and ideas. All throughout one theme has stood out. It seems that people want my father's plight, and my reaction to be the face of a crusade. 

They want us to stand up and fight. I am at a crossroads...standing on the precipice of something huge and powerful..and thus very frightening. My father wants peace and wants this all to be resolved calmly. Many people who've been messaging me have been crying for a fight--they feel this could be a call to rally the troops. My family is praying for guidance.

Let me outline the facts and some opinions on the matter.

The garden in question is not at his private residence, as I originally believed. It is on a rented lot that he paid for in a community garden. He is a tax payer, and he did rent the lot, and he was initially given permission to plant his own seed. That permission was revoked via email after the corn had grown over a foot high. That email is posted in the comments on my previous post. There are those who say that he has every right to do with that lot as he sees fit, because he paid for it and he has renter's rights. 

And them trying to regulate what is planted, would be something akin to someone monitoring the brand of shoes you wear at the YMCA. There are those, however, who say that the city is simply looking out for cross-pollination issues, and they don't want my dad's corn to contaminate the serendipity seed. 

My brother suggested that my dad remove the tassels and pollinate by hand, and offer that idea to the council so that they will let him keep his corn and there will no longer be an issue. ( I am frankly concerned that the serendipity seed will contaminate my father's fabulous heirloom seed which he has cultivated for decades. That would be the REAL tragedy here) 

Also important to figure out here, is the origin of the serendipity seed. "Carolyn" commented on my post, and said that Serendipity is not actually from Monsanto, but it is a seed from a rival chemical/seed/gmo company. I have been trying to substantiate her comment, and have not been able to track it down. Some have told me that even if it is not on the actual Monsanto list, it could come from a subsidiary company, or a company that broke off from monstanto... either way, though, it is seed from a monster corporation. 

I just want to be sure of which one, before I falsely accuse. There are plenty of people out there who are out for Monsanto blood, and they fail to see that ALL of those type of companies are doing the same awful's just that Monsanto is usually the face they affix to the evil. 

Either way, it is a terrible thing that is happening. But I need to answer some questions before I decide what to do with all of this. And before my dad can decide if he wants to join in the fight, or stay in the background. (I know he really just wants peace, though) 

I need to know the true motivation, that the city council is claiming for their actions.
I need to know the origin of the seeds, and the origin of the company that makes the seed.
I need to know if his basic rights have indeed been violated.
I need to know if there is precedent for city councils regulating this type of thing, and if it is lawful to do so.
I need to think hard about what all the ramifications of starting something with this would be for my family.

Please share and give your advice/input/ and if anyone can help with the research on this, please do... I am overwhelmed by this, and just want to do the right thing here. But I am so pleased to find that there are so many concerned/supportive/wonderful citizens out there!

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