Sunday, June 16, 2013

so... unbelievable and wonderful news!! my dad... - Connie Marie Gashler

so... unbelievable and wonderful news!! my dad... - Connie Marie Gashler:

so... unbelievable and wonderful news!! 

my dad just called me and said that tonight A SUNDAY night, a woman (Nancy Smith) from the city gardens showed up AT HIS DOOR and said that she knows about what I have done with social media, and that apparently people have been calling their offices to demand justice for my dad. 

They particularly did not like the fact that citizens of the city were planning to march in protest. She said that they will allow him to grow his corn there, provided that I delete all my comments from facebook about this matter. 

My dad has asked that I honor that, and that the fight not continue. 

I know that MANY people out there want me to continue this fight, and lead some sort of crusade. 

I would be willing to do so, but I need to leave my family out of it now. 

My dad is old and just wants a peaceful existence. He has no desire to fight this any longer. I am so impressed by what people can do when they unite together. I will leave my posts on my timeline here until morning, so that people that I do not know who have read this via shares on my friends pages, can see what the out come is. 

Over all this post has been shared nearly 2000 times directly, and at least 1000 times on other pages such as the "march against Monsanto" page. 

If just 10 people saw each one of those shares and read it, that means over 30,000 people all over the world have read the story.... and I think that is a modest estimate. of those 30,000+ people, how many called in, or got ready to organize a march or petition..?... hundreds..and hundreds of people have contacted me directly as well. 

The power of social media is undeniable, and the power of the people, is a force to be reckoned with. We the people can do so much good, if we just wake from our slumber, and fight the good fight.


  • Danelle Brown Rowley If it isn't too much trouble, can he send me some seed? I'll bet it will do well in Missouri. Glad to hear that he didn't have to tear his gardens up. That would just be so much work from so many years down the drain. Really glad that this is working out for him. Protect our rights as citizens!
  • Connie Marie Gashler Danelle, there have been quite a few people asking me about his corn seed... he is keeping some out of the community gardens so that it will not be cross pollinated with the bad stuff...but I don't know how much seed he has reserved .... I can find out. 

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