Thursday, August 15, 2013

522 Volunteers Landing Page

Digital Communication Tools for 522 Volunteers


Calendar - Howard and Pamm's WA Speaking Tour (The calendar is embedded on the sidebar of this blog)
Hard Drive (Share documents, spread sheets, creat online polls) - Press Release: Pamm Larry and Howard Vlieger WA September Speaking Tour

Slideshare (powerpoint site) - Upload and share powerpoint presentations (with audio track) Three GMO Presentations

Facebook: Information, news and personal connections

Volunteers for I-522 Seattle (Group)
Yes On 522 (Page)
WWGF News (Page)

About Me Landing Page

WWGF News (Short URL, Link Page)
You can make any page a landing page. I used this blog post as a landing page.

If you have questions, please post a comment.

NOTE: This page will be updated through Nov.

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