Thursday, August 15, 2013

GMO info; schoolyard beatdowns | Politics Blog | The Bellingham Herald

GMO info; schoolyard beatdowns | Politics Blog | The Bellingham Herald:

We received a good comment on my post yesterday, "GMOs: What do you know?" that links to more information on the "Yes to 522" side. (Initiative 522 would require labels on raw agricultural products that are genetically modified and on processed foods with GM ingredients.)
An editor had to send me the comment because it never posted. This new format for the Politics Blog doesn't accept comments with links -- a standard restriction in comment forms that is intended to reduce spam. It came without the commenter's name, so I don't know who sent it. It reads thusly:
"Ralph, If you are truly seeking answers about GMOs, Bellingham based The Non-GMO Project is a great local resource.
"If you want to drill down into the nutritional science, cause-and-effect GMO issues, Bellingham based Certified Nutritionist Tom Malterre is an individual that can break down very complex problems so just around anyone can understand them. Here is a video interview I did with Tom at the Justice Begins with Seeds Conference in Seattle two weeks ago. (links to Toms website, social networks, Autism Research Institute webinar is in the text box below the video.)"
I approached this with the same thirst for knowledge I expressed in my post yesterday. Yes, I thought, now I will get to the core reasons why genetically engineered food should be labeled.
I won't mince words. The 10-minute video was another disappointment.

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