Monday, September 30, 2013

I-522 | The Vashon Loop

I-522 | The Vashon Loop:

 "The industry has told us that GMO products have been tested and have been shown to have no adverse effects.  Even the USDA has parroted that claim.  The problem is that those tests were allowed to be done by the industries themselves and the USDA authorities that have sanctioned those results are all former industry employees.  That is not to say that GMO products have been proven to be unhealthful either.  Long term studies need to be done before we can even begin to make that judgement.  It does mean that GMO’s should be barred from production until they have been proven safe, just like any other product.  If your government is not wise enough to take that precaution, then we, as consumers should at least be allowed to make the choice of avoiding products made from them."

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