Monday, September 30, 2013

Monsanto | A Sustainable Agriculture Company

Monsanto | A Sustainable Agriculture Company:

"Before you buy a potato, or any other food, you may want to know whether it's the product of food biotechnology.  We have complete confidence that our food crops are as safe and nutritious as the standard alternatives.  Recently you may have noticed a label appearing on some of the food in your supermarket.  This is to inform you about the use of biotechnology in food.  Monsanto fully supports UK food manufacturers and retailers in their introduction of these labels.  We believe you should be aware of all the facts before making a purchase."
                       Monsanto Ad in Great Britain - 1998-99
"In response to concern raised by our customers . . .we have decided to remove, as far as possible, genetically modified soy and maize (corn) from all food products served in our restaurant.  We will continue to work with our suppliers to replace GM soy and maize with non-GM ingredients. . . . We have taken the above steps to ensure that you, the customer, can feel confident in the food we serve."
    Monsanto UK Headquarters Cafeteria Statement - 1999

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