Friday, September 20, 2013

Yelm Talks GMOs - Nisqually Valley News: Local News

Yelm Talks GMOs - Nisqually Valley News: Local News: "The Yelm Food Co-op is getting serious about genetically modified food, or “GMOs,” short for “genetically modified organisms.”
As campaigns for and against Initiative 522 heat up, with both sides of the debate recently premiering TV ads on the measure, the co-op hosted speakers who talked about GMOs, including a farming consultant from Iowa.
The initiative would require labels on all genetically modified food and seeds sold in grocery stores and retail outlets in the state. The initiative includes exemptions, including for food in restaurants and meat and dairy products.
Proponents of the measure argue labels would allow people to make informed decisions about the food they buy.
Farm consultant Howard Vlieger presented a lecture on GMOs at Gordon’s Grange in Yelm last week. Vlieger highlighted a “first of its kind” study he co-authored with scientist Judy Carmen. Vlieger said the study was published in a peer-reviewed journal called the “Journal of Organic Systems.”"

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