Sunday, October 27, 2013

Food/nutrition | Northwest Voices | Seattle Times

Food/nutrition | Northwest Voices | Seattle Times:

Editor, The Times:
Initiative 522 is about labeling genetically engineered foods that we buy, transparency and the right to know the content of sold foods so we can make informative choices [“I-522: Ads stretch truth on what foods would be labeled, left out,” page one, Oct. 23].
Whether it is important to know if a can of corn is genetically engineered might not matter to some people, but it might matter to others. Right now there is no way to make an informed choice for those people who do care whether their foods are genetically engineered.
Initiative 522 is not about making a judgment call on GMOs, but rather about exercising our right as consumers to know information about our foods so we can make a personal informative decision.
Some say it will cause food prices to go up, but in fact, companies change food labels all the time and prices don’t go up.
Cornel Roata, Renton
Do you support labeling of GMOs, as proposed under I-522?

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