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I-522 Google News Article Stream (60+)

The battle lines on food labeling

Politico - ‎2 hours ago‎
Just like in California, the opponents to I-522 are lining up late in the game in Washington with campaign
donations. As of the latest disclosure reports filed with the state Sept. 30, the opposition campaign
 had raised almost $17.2 million — roughly four times ...

I-522 Will Finish Job We Started in California, Mother of GMO Labeling Initiative ...

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - ‎16 hours ago‎
In the last two weeks of September Larry toured Washington state to support the state's grassroots
effort to pass I-522, the labeling initiative whose fate will be decided by voters November 5. We spoke
with her in Seattle. Clarissa asked our first question.

GMOs in I-522 debate

The Seattle Times (blog) - ‎8 hours ago‎
It is not surprising that Monsanto is a big supporter of the “No on I-522” campaign, since they are the
supplier of glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup. The Food & Water Watch found that the
 “total volume of glyphosate applied to the three biggest GE ...

Science: The Missing Ingredient in the GMO Food Labeling Debate

Xconomy - ‎1 hour ago‎
Residents of Washington State are currently being buried in an avalanche of ads regarding
 a citizen's initiative that would require the labeling of genetically engineered foods sold in grocery stores.
Estimates for the percentage of items that contain genetically ...

Advocacy group's new study says I-522's GMO labels won’t add to consumer ...

TheNewsTribune.com - ‎13 hours ago‎
An initiative requiring labeling of genetically modified foods would not add costs to Washington residents'
food bills, a new study by an Emory University professor claims. The report was released Monday
by the Alliance for Natural Health USA, an advocacy ...

YES on I-522: Ensure choice and transparency at stores

TheNewsTribune.com - ‎21 hours ago‎
Just like we already label foods for sugar, sodium, country of origin, or whether our fish is farm-raised
or wild-caught, I-522 is about providing more information to you, the shopper. You have the right to know
whether your food was genetically engineered or ...

Money pouring into I-522 battle

HeraldNet - ‎Oct 7, 2013‎
On Nov. 5, voters will decide whether to approve I-522, which requires genetically engineered foods
offered for retail sale to be labeled as such. Products would have to carry a label on the front of the
 package disclosing that they contain GE ingredients.

Big money shapes GMO food labeling fight in Wash.

San Francisco Chronicle - ‎Oct 6, 2013‎
Nearly all of the opposition money against I-522 has come from six out-of-state contributors that also were
among the top donors against California's measure. The Grocery Manufacturers Association has given
$7.2 million, while the biotechnology company ...

Fined For Trying To Find Who's Funding Anti-GMO Labeling Campaign?

Mintpress News - ‎15 hours ago‎
The fight centers around the state's I-522, which would require genetically modified food and
seeds to be labeled as such. In their legal challenge against the No on 522 Campaign and the
 Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) submitted in September, ...

Superfood or Frankenfood? The latest research on GMOs

Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog) - ‎21 hours ago‎
Go to Yeson522.com to learn about I-522, an initiative to require GMO labeling in
Washington State. — By Mary Kuzmick, MS, dietetic intern, and Debra Boutin, MS, RD, chair
and dietetic internship director, Department of Nutrition and Exercise Science at ...

Washington state battles over genetically modified food

USA TODAY - ‎Oct 6, 2013‎
"I-522 is a complex, costly and misleading initiative that will raise grocery costs for Washington state
consumers at a time when few can afford it," he said. Genetically engineered crops have a gene from another
 plant inserted into them to give them some ...

Washington's GMO Labeling Initiative Fires Up Global Food Industry

KUOW News and Information - ‎18 hours ago‎
Back in the Fred Meyer parking lot, some shoppers already know how they'll vote on I-522. Nancy Wiese, a nurse with organic milk in her shopping sack says, “I'm totally in favor of labeling ... I like to know that that's what's being done with the food that we're ...

GMO Fact Check: Will labeling hurt small farmers?

Crosscut - ‎Oct 7, 2013‎
Trudy Bialic, PCC's director of consumer affairs and an author of I-522, explains that most farms are already sorting and labeling food by variety. Further, certified organic farmers are already GMO-free and would be exempt from 522's labeling protocol.

Big money shapes WA GMO food label fight

kgw.com - ‎20 hours ago‎
I-522's supporters say consumers have a right to know whether foods they buy contain genetically engineered ingredients, and a GE label is no different from other food labels. Opponents say it would cost farmers and food processors, and such a label implies ...

I-522: Deceptive 'truth' about food and science

Bellingham Herald - ‎Oct 6, 2013‎
Its drafters say they were modeling the mandate on Europe's labeling requirement. But the differences demonstrate the extremism behind I-522. The European Union doesn't put a screaming headline on the front of the box – it puts the information on the side, ...

NO on I-522: New labels would be costly, misleading

Bellingham Herald - ‎Oct 6, 2013‎
Initiative 522 on the Nov. 5 ballot would increase food costs in our state and provide consumers with unreliable and inaccurate labeling information. It's a misleading measure that fails to deliver on its fundamental promise to help consumers make more ...

Battle Lines Drawn in Washington State Over GMOs

NACS Online - ‎6 hours ago‎
The food industry is spending millions to defeat the state's Initiative 552, which requires labeling of some food and beverages that include genetically modified ingredients. October 8, 2013. Page Content. ​PULLMAN, WA – In an effort to defeat the state's ...

Elizabeth Hovde: GMO labels and Initiative 522 lose appeal after close look

OregonLive.com - ‎Oct 5, 2013‎
But I think BlueOregon.com was right when it said in a recent article cheerleading I-522, “National food companies won't be able to label for just one state, so a victory in Washington should result in labeling for at least Oregon and other Northwest states.”

Pro and con: I-522 -- labeling GMOs

HeraldNet - ‎Oct 6, 2013‎
Loaves of bread at a California grocery store in 2012 bear labels indicating they are made without genetically modified ingredients. Supporters of I-522 want to require labeling indicating whether some products contain GMOs; opponents say buyers ...

Initiative focuses on how food is produced, not country of origin

The Seattle Times (blog) - ‎Oct 5, 2013‎
Farmers can be easily be confused with the I-522 labeling initiative. [“GMO labeling campaigns raising near-record money,” page one, Sept. 25.] I thought it had to do with country of origin labeling. Country of origin labeling laws are a different set of labels that ...

State's GMO Labeling Initiative Fires Up Global Food Industry

KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest - ‎Oct 5, 2013‎
In the parking lot of a local Fred Meyer store, some shoppers already know how they'll vote on I-522. Nancy Wiese is a nurse with organic milk in her shopping sack: “I'm totally in favor of labeling,” she said. “Well, I like to know that that's what's being done with ...

Why Genetically Modified Foods Should Be Labeled

Huffington Post - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
Did you know that you have been enrolled in the largest research study ever conducted in the United States but you never signed a consent form or agreed to participate? That's because since 1996 you -- and basically everyone you know -- have been eating ...

Turkson to talk to both sides in GMO debate

National Catholic Reporter (blog) - ‎Oct 7, 2013‎
Women sort beans and maize kernels in a house in Mukuru, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya, in 2012. (AP Images/Corbis/Wendy Stone). Cardinal Peter Turkson (CNS/Bob Roller). World Food Prize honoree Robert Fraley of Monsanto during a visit to Brazil ...

Money shapes GMO label fight

Moscow-Pullman Daily News - ‎18 hours ago‎
SEATTLE - The debate over labeling genetically modified foods has shaped up to be one of the costliest initiative fights ever in Washington state, with most of the dollars coming from out of state. Five corporations and a trade group representing food ...

Herbal Path offering discount

Foster's Daily Democrat - ‎Oct 5, 2013‎
PORTSMOUTH -- This October, The Herbal Path Natural Pharmacy is one of more than 1,500 retailers across North America participating in the fourth annual Non-GMO Month — a celebration of people's right to choose food and products that do not contain ...

Another no on I-522

The Spokesman Review - ‎Oct 5, 2013‎
I urge my fellow citizens to vote no on Initiative 522 (genetic engineering labeling). Why? The initiative is ill-conceived and poorly written, resulting in unreliable and inaccurate information for consumers. It will impose burdensome regulations on all ...

What science tells us about the safety of genetically modified foods

Ars Technica - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
Many aspects of modern technology make people a bit uneasy, but genetically modified foods may be in a class by themselves. Labs all around the world make genetic modifications of organisms—bacteria, plants, and animals—365 days a year. And some of ...

Iowa View: Cardinal not on same page as GMO scientists

DesMoinesRegister.com - ‎Oct 5, 2013‎
While it is too soon to know for certain what the speakers at this year's World Food Prize event will be saying in mid-October at the ceremonies in Des Moines, we can confidently predict that World Food Prize voices will say: • That the future of agriculture will ...

Editorial: Vote No on Initiative 522, the GMO labeling initiative

The Seattle Times - ‎Oct 5, 2013‎
INITIATIVE 522 is a clumsy, emotion-based campaign to require labeling of selective food products containing genetically modified organisms. The issue for proponents of I-522 seems to be less about outcomes — the products themselves — but rather finding ...

GMOs are organisms altered by gene splicing

Mail Tribune - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
I read a lot and hear a lot on TV about "genetically modified organisms" but nobody explains what they are. I know they are referring to the crops but what exactly are GMOs? How did they get that way? — Gene T., Rogue River. Despite rumors to the contrary, ...

We must stand up for consumer rights

HeraldNet - ‎Oct 5, 2013‎
Monsanto alone has already contributed more than $4.8 million to the campaign against I-522. How will that money be used? To unleash an advertising campaign designed to frighten voters into voting against their own best interests.

Activists Regroup After Ore. Lawmakers' Trump Local Push To Restrict GM Crops

EarthFix - ‎Oct 3, 2013‎
Organic wheat growing in a Southern Oregon field. Organic growers in that part of the state who wanted local ordinances to restrict genetically modified agriculture were dealt a setback this week by the Oregon Legislature. credit: Amelia Templeton. /. Previous ...

Saugus Public Library free film and lecture series

Saugus Advertiser - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
The Saugus Public Library, 295 Central St., will host “Food for Thought,” a free film and lecture series concerning GMOs (genetically modified organisms) and your health. On Monday, Oct. 7 at 7 p.m. the library will show the film “Genetic Roulette.

Africa Should Not Ignore the Potential of GM Crops

AllAfrica.com - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
In the unlikely event that I had forgotten just how controversial and polarising genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are, the past few days would have provided a very sharp reminder. Last week, our organisation, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa ...

State-Level 'Monsanto Protection Act' Passes in Oregon

TakePart - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
State-Level 'Monsanto Protection Act' Passes in Oregon. Activists are focusing on statewide GMO regulations after a law passed blocking local communities from setting food and ag policies. October 4, 2013. Steve Holt. Comments. More. Share with your ...

Activists Regroup After Oregon Lawmakers' Trump Local Push To Restrict GM ...

Northwest Public Radio - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
Until this week, activists in some Oregon counties were pushing to ban genetically modified crops, sometimes referred to as GMOs. Now they are now looking at a statewide initiative. Oregon lawmakers put the brakes on anti-GMO initiatives in four counties ...

DEBRA STARK: GMOs and science fiction

Wicked Local- Concord - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
In March of this year, Whole Foods Market announced a commitment to full GMO transparency by giving their suppliers five years to source non-GMO ingredients, or to clearly label products with ingredients containing GMOs. Well, that's good for the rest of us ...

Oregon GMO Activists Look To Fight State Control

Northwest Public Radio - ‎Oct 3, 2013‎
Oregon lawmakers put the brakes on anti-GMO initiatives in four counties when they passed Senate Bill 863 this week. The bill prohibits local governments from banning genetically modified crops. Enlarge image. Credit Edmund Garman / Flickr. This week ...

Letter: Europe is leading in GMO-free legislation

Kelowna Capital News - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
The 'food fight of the century' is in full swing with legislators, farmers and consumers opposing bio-tech corporations on the subject of GMOs and genetically modified food. British Columbia took a step toward becoming a genetically engineered-free province ...

Future of food

Vernon Morning Star - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
I was among the 200 people at the regional agricultural advisory committee (RAAC) meeting about GMO food Sept 11. I felt muzzled and indignant. Surely, the head of the meeting did well to keep public comment to a limit but even clapping was said to be ...

Critics of GMOs weigh in on rules

East Oregonian (subscription) - ‎Oct 4, 2013‎
Since the discovery early this year of unapproved Roundup Ready wheat growing in an Eastern Oregon field, the debate surrounding genetically modified crops continues to gain steam across the region. Voters in Washington State will take to the ballot Nov.

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