Monday, October 7, 2013

News | Yes on 522

Goldy said it best in The Stranger: “What seems clear is that the GMA neither wants to perjure itself nor tell the truth about its donors.
It’s no surprise that the same companies who are trying to hide what's in our food are also trying to hide that they are behind these misleading ads. By this time in California food industry giants had given millions to the No side, but here in Washington they haven't given a dime.
The companies can donate to the GMA, their lobbying group, which writes the checks to No-on-522.” - Joel Connelly,
Suspicious indeed. Which is why a group of local moms took the No side to court to try to get them to reveal who exactly is paying for these ads. Then the most unbelievable thing happened, the NO campaign used a law designed to protect citizens from corporations, to instead protect corporations from people. Huh?
"But doing so under our anti-SLAPP statute is a perversion of law that, if upheld, would forever undermine our state's voter-approved campaign finance and public disclosure laws." - Goldy, The Stranger
We deserve to know what’s in our food and who’s trying to buy our election.
Yes on 522
Director of Constituent Outreach

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