Friday, October 4, 2013

I-522 | Northwest Voices | Seattle Times

I-522 | Northwest Voices | Seattle Times: "America’s health depends on labeled consumer products

It’s too bad that the GMO fight is reduced to an argument over cost [“GMO labeling ads play fast and loose with costs,” page one, Oct. 2.]

Americans’ health, particularly the obesity and diabetes epidemics, are the result of a generation of processed foods foisted on an unsuspecting consumer. Had we known what we were eating and what the consequences were to our loved ones’ health, we never would have bought those products. Those costs have yet to be calculated, but are dumbfounding in scale.

Labeling disclosure, like I-522, is meant to keep the corporate food and agriculture industry honest about what we’re eating. It’s a predictable outcome that the behavior of the food industry in satisfying the demands of food label readers will benefit the vast majority of consumers who are not.

Art James, Port Townsend"

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