Friday, October 4, 2013

Yes on 522 Merchandise

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New The Yes On 522 Campaign's Downloadable Signs

UPDATE Oct. 31:  There are few yard signs available. Volunteers may have some in their cars. If you are seeking a yard sign, contact regional leaders directly. Carin Chase, Yes On 522 Volunteer coordinator, has 5 yards signs.

Yes On 522 Merchandise / Suggested Donation

How to Donate:

    Put your donation in the jar at the pick up point


   Send check to:

      Farmers and Friends of I-522
      Post Office Box 296
      Waterville, WA  98858
     IMPORTANT: Put the word "Product" on the envelope or check
 Farmers and Friends of I-522 is a PAC in support of grassroots efforts in helping pass I-522 to label genetically engineered foods

Donations over $25 please, printout, fill out and include this form.

How to Get Buttons, Bumper Stickers, Yard Signs:

If you would like a button or bumper sticker mailed to you, post your request in comments. 

    Go to one of these pick up points:






Connect with I-522 Grassroots Volunteers Regional Leaders for Merchandise  


  1. How do you purchase items from here? Thanks! Katie

  2. Hi Katie - We are not able to take orders here. We are in the process of setting up distribution centers at local coops, etc. to get merchandise out to folks. What area are you in? If you just need a couple items, I might be able to just mail them to you. Thanks! Cindy

  3. I know it seems late, but I would love a button. Is it possible to still get one?