Sunday, October 20, 2013

Podcast: How you can help get GMOs labeled With Cindy Black

How you can help get GMOs labeled:

Frances Arnold talks to Grassroots Volunteer for I-522 Leader Cindy Black about labeling genetically engineered foods. Cindy is a passionate advocate for labeling, and shares her in-depth knowledge into the fight for the rights of labeling. Interview highlights include:
How the labeling will work:
  • How has GMO impacted farmers to date?
  • Why would GE animals not be labeled? What does this mean?
  • Why will soy milk be labeled, but not regular milk?
  • Will GE salmon be labeled?
  • Can you address the cost of labeling foods?
  • How will the labeling compare to labeling in other countries?
  • Why is it important for multiple states to support GE labeling?
  • Behind the scenes of the GE industry
  • Challenges with the labeling campaign so far
 Practical applications at home:
  • How do you get avoid GMOs and keep your family away from them (especially in restaurants)?
  • How do you keep your spirits up in what seems like a global food grab by powerful corporations
  • Predictions for the future of GMO? (where are the kernals of hope?)
Other Podcasts:
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