Saturday, October 26, 2013

Video: Next Meal: Engineering Food | Watch QUEST Online | KQED Video

Video: Next Meal: Engineering Food | Watch QUEST Online | KQED Video:

The half-hour QUEST Northern California documentary Next Meal: Engineering Food explores how genetically engineered crops are made, their pros and cons and what the future might hold for research and regulations such as labeling. Are the benefits worth the risks?

logtype47 3 months ago
This doc is little more than a commercial for the biotech industry. It's a shame that public broadcasting has been co-opted by big corporations

Grassroots Volunteers I-522 Email Blast:
WA State Public Television KCTS9 has a puff piece on GMOs airing 30th Oct. we need to stop them as it is biased towards GMOs and not right to air just before the vote.

QUEST: Next Meal: Engineering Food—SCHEDULE CHANGE
Wednesday, 10/30, at 7:30 p.m.
Explore the science behind genetically engineered crops and what the future holds for research and regulations.
KCTS 9 | 401 Mercer St | Seattle, WA 98109 | | 1.800.937.5287

Article (Nov. 2013):
Did Seattle PBS Station Sway Voters To Reject GMO Labeling Initiative?

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