Saturday, November 16, 2013

I-522 backers didn't learn lesson from California vote | - Local news

I-522 backers didn't learn lesson from California vote | - Local news:

Of course this is pretty much how it played out in California. This is why those pols not involved in the campaign wonder why initiative supporters weren't better prepared for the tactics they encountered.
The Yes on 522 campaign lacked a convincing rebuttal on the need for labeling and how it wouldn't bring a trove of troubles.
Supporters had money. They spent $8 million -- an impressive sum and only slightly less than their friends expended in California -- yet could not get their response out often enough on television and almost not at all in the mailboxes.
Nor could they turn out their voters. Their plan called for winning at least 60 percent of the votes in King County, to pick up Snohomish County and to do respectably in the rural areas.
They are almost there in the state's largest county. They barely got there in Snohomish County -- 51.4 percent. But they are getting wiped out in the smaller counties of Eastern Washington.
Dan Flynn, a Denver-based writer with Food Safety News, believes rural voters are the reason I-522 went down.

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