Saturday, November 16, 2013

Next Meal: Engineering Food Survey

In this half-hour special, QUEST Northern California explores genetically engineered crops in the wake of Proposition 37, the 2012 ballot initiative that would have required foods containing genetically engineered ingredients to be labeled in California.

  1. Is the "Next Meal" a journalistic piece that explores the science behind genetic engineering while including multiple perspectives on the issue? 
  2.  What are the multiple perspectives "Next Meal" delves into regarding GMO food and the impact it has on the environment, animals, farmers, children and people? 
  3. Are the benefits of genetically engineered foods worth the risks? 
  4. What are the risks of GMO foods that are explained in "Next Meal"? 
  5. What does the future hold for research and regulations such as labeling? 
  6. Do you believe that the viewpoint of farmers who grow GM crops were evenly represented?
  7. Do you believe that people with no background in the GMO issue would have a positive or negative view of Bio-Technology after watching this informational report? 
  8. If the "Next Meal" was shown days, hours before the end of an election (like in WA), do you believe the 30-minute program would persuade public opinion to vote in favor or against GMO food labeling? 
  9. As defined on Wikipeda, did "Next Meal" follow Journalism ethics and standards of truthfulness, accuracy, objectivity, impartiality, fairness and public accountability? If your answer is "no", please elaborate.
 Please post your answers in the comments below.

Notes: Write or call Michael Getler, PBS Ombudsmanat 703-739-5290.

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