Saturday, November 16, 2013

Next Meal: Engineering Food | QUEST Comments 62

Next Meal: Engineering Food | QUEST:

48 comments from May 2013 broadcast on KQED Oakland
12 comments from Oct/Nov 2013 broadcast on KCST Seattle

KCST Broadcast Sample Comments 

Sylvia Walker 
This is not a balanced report and is definitely slated in favor of companies like Monsanto. I am disappointed with Quest and PBS. And, yes, where are the scientists presenting the other point of view? To name just a few of these, where are Dr. Doug Gurian-Sherman who tells us that GE crops do not increase yield; Dr. Charles Benbrook of the Washington State University, who tells us that pesticide use has increased since the advent of GE crops and not the converse, as claimed by the industry; Dr. Don Huber who tells us that these herbicides are destroying the beneficial and necessary microbes in the soil, increasing plant diseases and is not sustainable; Dr. Judy Carman and Dr. Art Dunham (veterinarian) who tell us of the harm to farm animals that are fed GMO grains; and Dr. Arpad Pusztai, who was involved in the pioneering research on the Bt potato, who tells us of the harm he reported to rats when fed Bt potato and that genetic insertion causes mutations and that you can't say where it [the genetic bit] landed.
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      Casey Miller  Sylvia Walker 
      You have no idea that Bt is used on organic farms do you? Take a science class...
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          Diana_Reeves  Casey Miller 
          It seems that it is you that should take a class. Bt toxins used by organic farmers are used only as needed and are applied topically. Many organic farmers never use Bt toxins at all. When applied topically as needed, Bt toxins wash off and break down in sunlight. This bears absolutely no relationship to the Bt toxins expressed by every cell of a plant - toxins that have been engineered to be hundreds of times more powerful than those used in organic farming and don't wash off. Another troll spouting biotech propaganda folks. Nice try but we're not buying it.

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