Saturday, November 16, 2013

PBS to Air Pro-GMO Film in Washington Before Vote on Labelling | Natural Revolution

PBS to Air Pro-GMO Film in Washington Before Vote on Labelling | Natural Revolution:

In what appears to be yet another manipulative move to sway the vote in the upcoming GMO labelling initiative in Washington state, PBS and its affiliates are set to air a film tonight at 10 pm PST, which shows a rather biased stance toward the biotech industry, GMOs, and the chemicals used to grow them.

The airing of the documentary film, Next Meal: Engineering Food is indeed not an impartial look at both sides of the GMO controversy. The undertones are very much Pro-GMO; not showing both sides equally, but in favor of GMOs “and the chemicals used to grown them being safe”.  And, that “…the World Health Organization has said that these foods are safe.”

While there are some parts of the film that may show the other side of the GMO coin, where people are up in arms about the biotech industry trying to control the world’s food supply, there definitely is a leaning toward favoring the biotech company in the message of the film. But more so, the timing of this film being so close to the vote in Washington, wreaks of manipulation of the masses from the bully from Saint Louis, Monsanto.

Talk about trying to sway the vote against GMO labelling. Perhaps in an equally fair balance, KCTS 9 might want to consider showing the film Genetic Roulette which shows the real science and health effects of consuming GMO foods.

This film Next Meal: Engineering Food is little more than a commercial for the biotech industry. It’s a shame that public broadcasting has been co-opted by big corporations.

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