Monday, November 18, 2013

PBS Boycott: Beverly Goldie Facilitator GAG

(7) GMO Awareness Group (GAG) of the North Olympic Peninsula:

I was one of the people who contacted Randy Brinson of KCTS 9, asking him to reschedule this program and place it back in its original time-slot.

This programs was NOT a journalistic piece (showing many sides.)

It was a slanted, one-side view of pro-GMO science vs. activists from California.

Furthermore, it is not a program about sustainability, as GMO farming is not sustainable. Not only did the program air once, but twice, and on the eve of the election at that.

In our view, this was direct support for the No on 522 campaign, however Mr. Brinson wants to couch it. I have called for and continue to call for a boycott of KCTS 9.

This means withdrawal of membership and no more contributions during membership drives.

- Beverly Goldie, the facilitator of the GMO Awareness Group (GAG) of the North Olympic Peninsula

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