Monday, November 18, 2013

PBS Boycott: Zen Honeycutt Moms Across America

Photo: Zen Honeycutt, Kathleen Hallal , MAAM co-founders, our families and the MAAM Team

Moms Across America is extremely disappointed in the Seattle PBS station's choice to air a pro GMO piece twice before the WA ballot election for 522.

It is irresponsible to attempt to sway public vote or give the pro GMO side a venue to explain how "great" their products are. (Article: Did Seattle PBS Station Sway Voters To Reject GMO Labeling Initiative?)

The fact is that Moms all across America have seen their children's health issues skyrocket since GMOs were sucked into our food and we see our kids get better when we take GMOs out of their diet and eat organic.

We have testimonials from hundreds of Moms that autism, allergy, asthma, IBS, excema, stomach aches and auto immune disorders have gotten better or symptoms have disapeared completely after going GMO free.

Until further testing is done PBS has no right to suggest GMOs are safe.

There has never been any long term human study testing on the safety of GMOs.

We ask PBS to right this wrong to the public by producing a piece in which you capture the stories of the Moms whose children have gotten better off GMOs. Tell the real story about GMOS and America's children.

- Zen Honeycutt, Founder Moms Across America

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